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Aluminum Paset For Inks series

The series uses the environmental-friendly esters as solvent, having excellent dispersity, brightness and hiding power.

Product Features
Strong hiding power
Ultra-low VOC
Excellent whiteness and brightness
Back list
Grade Average Particle Size (D50μm)
Non-Volatile Content (±2%)
Non-volatile content
Solvent Type
Solvent type
Particle Shape
Particle Shape
OK E5505 6 60 环保溶剂 Cornflake NL 25KG
OK E5507 9 62 环保溶剂 Cornflake NL 25KG
OK E5510 12 65 环保溶剂 Cornflake NL 25KG

Application field : 1. Printing inks  2. Food packaging inks